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A project of such large magnitude demanded a telebelt with the longest reach

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The Putzmeister Telebelt TB 200 is a vital part of the construction of the
Keeyask hydroelectric power plant in Canada.

A hydroelectric plant is being built in the Manitoba province of Canada. Around 1,500
employees are working on this project at present with the goal of having the station ready for
operation by 2021. This generating station is being built by BBE Hydro Construction Limited
Partnership - a joint venture between Bechtel Canada, Barnard Construction of Canada and
Ellis Don Civil Ltd.

The Teleblet TB 200 with a horizontal reach of 61 meters is Putzmeister’s largest belt
conveyor and the perfect choice for operations that involve placing mass concrete, like
building a hydroelectric plants. Hence, it was the ideal selection for a job of this magnitude.
This project involves building a 695 megawatt generating station, an overflow and a dam, as
well as the entire infrastructure needed for operations - roads, dykes, power lines etc. Keeyask
will be the fourth largest generating station in Manitoba. On completion it will be tasked with
generating an average of 4,400 gigawatt-hours of energy per year.

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