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Conquer the 60 metre class – More scope with lower weight

Ideal for applications to pour concrete such as:

  • Large construction sites, flat blocks and infrastructure projects
  • Particularly for markets with low approval requirements - total weight under 48t, making 4-axle vehicles in the 60 metre class possible for the first time

Key Features

  • 6-arm placing boom with RZR-folding with maximum flexibility, thanks to 205° rotation angle at the last hinge
  • Putzmeister hydraulic circuit and the latest core pump technology for maximum efficiency and up to 45 % oil saving
  • Intuitive operation thanks to Ergonic® 2.0
  • All information on the display of the remote control. Complete control and all the information at the workplace at all times
  • Continuous delivery line with nominal diameter of DN 125
  • Small support width with flexible support, space-saving structure
  • Robust and steady thanks to reinforced substructure, compact boom pedestal and TRDI support
  • Lower service costs with maintenance-free components and smaller quantities of operating fluids, consumables, etc.
  • Lower weight with TRDI support structure compared to the M63 or M62 with TRDV support – (with 4 axles < 46 t, alternatively on 5 axles < 47 t)

Technical Details

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