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M 760

Maximum Performance for Large Screeding Jobs

The Mixokret M 760 is Putzmeister’s most powerful floor screed conveyor and guarantees maximum performance for large screeding jobs. The M 760 represents maximum power with high efficiency and reliability. The perfect interaction of engine, compressor and hydraulic mixer drive gives the Mixokret M 760 its high performance. Large construction sites with up to 50 stories, pose no problems for the Mixokret M 760. The newly developed drive unit, which consists of four powerful cylinder diesel engines and a new compressor, adds to the efficiency of the model with smoother pumping performance. Like every Mixokret, this model is suitable for mixing and conveying floor screed, sand, gravel and fine grained concrete with a grain size of up to 0.6” (16mm)

Key Features

  • 4 cylinder engine for maximum power
  • Hydraulic feeder to work more efficiently
  • Scraper to fill easily
  • Operating panel clear and user-friendly
  • Chassis for road use 80 km/h
  • Optimized maintenance and service features
  • Robust design ensures value retention and high resale values
  • Made in Germany

Technical Details

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