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The strong heart of Putzmeister truck-mounted concrete pumps

At bauma 2019 from 8th–14th April, Putzmeister will once again prove that they can always be counted on... READ MORE

The strong heart of Putzmeister truck-mounted concrete pumps

At bauma 2019 from 8th–14th April, Putzmeister will once again prove that they can always be counted on to come up with new, exciting innovations. The latest generation of iLS (intelligent Low Stroke) pumps will be presented. Truck-mounted concrete pump operators will appreciate what’s hidden within these pumps. Their improved efficiency makes them more powerful and longer-lasting, and therefore extremely cost-effective.

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Each truck-mounted concrete pump has a strong heart powering it – the pump itself. After targeted optimisation, this heart beats even more strongly and more reliably over an exceptionally long time period. The continued development of Putzmeister’s latest generation of pumps has succeeded in optimising all the key parameters when it comes to cost-effectiveness – operation, durability and handling – at the same time.


“Our iLS pumps are the best pumps we have ever produced. We have perfected the secret of our success – ensuring less wear through the use of larger cylinder diameters and fewer strokes. This results in a significant increase in power due to a number of factors, including the prevention of leaks, improved suction performance and innovative control.” Mirco Kuhlmey, Product Manager for truck-mounted concrete pumps.


New suction and delivery unit – for the best performance at a low cost

Fewer strokes means less wear; that much is obvious. But nobody wants to compromise on power. The solution? A large cylinder diameter. But we didn’t stop there – Putzmeister continued to develop every detail of their pumps to optimise their cost-effectiveness. The result is called iLS and has been tried and tested in field tests conducted over the last two years. The new pumps stand out because of their excellent performance, smooth operation and durability, even under extreme conditions such as when working with highly abrasive concrete. The following components contribute to its success:


  • The seals on the hydraulic cylinders prevent oil leaks. This increases the efficiency of the core pump by a further 3%.
  • The geometry of the delivery cylinder, S transfer tube and hopper has been optimised to guarantee ideal concrete flow, making the suction performance 10% better.
  • In combination with the newly designed Ergonic® 2.0 control system, this saves up to 25% more fuel.
  • The intelligent hydraulic pump control system ensures that the piston positions are recorded and evaluated during the entire stroke. Synchronous running of both suction and delivery cylinders is guaranteed. The life of the components is extended because the stroke correction is no longer located in the end position, meaning that no pressure spikes are generated.


The hopper – easy to operate and maintain thanks to optimum accessibility

As soon as it is opened, users will notice how easy it is to operate the hopper lid; it can be positioned conveniently thanks to the four spring-locked steps. The overall improvements in accessibility make work easier – from maintenance work to daily tasks. Users will appreciate the position of the hopper grille sensor on the rear of the hopper, as well as the simplified elbow replacement process that uses split screws.


Ergonic® 2.0 – intelligent control for efficiency and fuel savings of up to 25%

The efficient Ergonic® control system is the brain behind the pump. Efficiently controlling the engine, hydraulics and core pump using the newly developed Ergonic Output Control 2.0 (EOC) makes it possible to reduce operating costs. It enables users to easily and conveniently overcome any challenges they face in their day-to-day work on construction sites, as well as saving up to 25% more fuel.

Additional information on all Putzmeister solutions to be presented at Bauma 2019 can be found on the Putzmeister trade fair stand in Hall B6, Stand 100.

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