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Lightness is your benefit! New autoconcrete pump BSF36-4.16H from Putzmeister - Lightweight - less than 8 tons per axle!

The pump with a four-section boom Z is spread out 36 meters, and a pumping group with a capacity of up ... READ MORE

Lightness is your benefit! New autoconcrete pump BSF36-4.16H from Putzmeister - Lightweight - less than 8 tons per axle!

The pump with a four-section boom Z is spread out 36 meters, and a pumping group with a capacity of up to 160 m3 per hour,

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While you take care of your customers to complete the work on concreting in time and qualitatively, Putzmeister has made sure that moving your pumping equipment from one of your facilities to another is even less of a problem than it was before. 

The traditional German quality, advanced technology of the company's engineers, mounted on the cargo chassis of the Swedish manufacturer, for even more reliable, successful and profitable work in the conditions of our construction. The pump was produced in Germany, at the group's head plant in Aikhtal, Chassis assembled at the Volvo plant in Belgium.

As with previous BSF36 models, everything has been thought out here: the perfect combination of performance and pressure on the mix, flexibility and boom use, easy cleaning and maintenance of pump components, simple and intuitive operation, free training, consultations throughout the life of your pump fleet , powerful service support, availability of spare parts and wear parts, and of course, the unique weights for axle loads in the Putzmeister concrete pump line.

Weight: a total of 23.5 tons, the load on each of the axes is less than 8 tons!

When size matters! The height of the sweep of the boom is only 8.5 meters! Feeding along the vertical - 35.6, depth of supply -23.9 meters, feed through the horizon - 31.4. Flexibility of application - four sectional boom with the type of unfolding - Z. The end distribution hose - 4 meters.


Balancing the efficiency of the pumping group, ideally suited for the vast majority of concreting tasks. Productivity: 160 m³ per hour, at a supply pressure of up to 85 bar, and the stroke of the feeding pistons is 2100 mm. The diameter of the chrome cylinder is 230mm!

Security is above all! On board the electronic control system, control, diagnostics and prevention of breakdowns - Putzmeister Ergonic, is installed to prevent unforeseen situations and clearly plan the operation and maintenance of the pump, which includes:

  • Graphical monitoring display - Ergonic Graphic Display (EGD);
  • Pumping control system - Ergonic Pump System (EPS) including Ergonic Output Control (EOC), which reduce fuel consumption, wear and noise level of the pump;
  • Control system and instruction manual in Russian.

and more Automatic switching off the agitator when opening the hopper grate; Side protective devices; Marking and retroreflective elements in accordance with modern safety standards

By the winter is ready! Winter accumulator in the regular supply. Rear view mirrors with the electric drive of the main sections and the heating of all parts, a comfortable sprung driver's seat with an integrated seat belt and electric heating

Serviceability: Central hopper grease, high pressure washer and 800 liter water tank on board.

Style and execution! The special, green painting of the cabin and the superstructure symbolizes the openness of the roads for the movement of the pump. Color of life, development and environmental friendliness! A perfect combination of parts and build quality unmistakably distinguish the Putzmeister BSF36-4.16H in the flow and on the construction site.

Chassis Volvo FM engine 248kW / 337hp, high chassis, parabolic springs normal rigidity B ride, for operation in mixed and poor road conditions, with a total technically permissible weight of 29 tons. Manual gearbox with divider, 2400 Nm, 14 steps, EBS package, Anti-lock braking system (ABS), Brake force regulator. Fuel tank -315 liters, emergency call button on the road, Volvo Action Service (VAS).


Your advantages:

  • Low cost of maintenance and life cycle of the concrete truck;
  • Predictability of wear of parts in contact with the mixture;
  • Convenience and ease of maintenance on its own;
  • Less fuel consumption in traffic on public roads;
  • Less wear on the cargo chassis, longer pump life;
  • Unique load on the axle, removing from the agenda the issue of movement along the roads of the country!
  • Performance and quality from a European manufacturer;
  • Official project and service consultation before and during operation;
  • Reliability of the supplier, transparency of the transaction;
  • The possibility of financing from leading leasing companies in the country;
  • Trade-In!
  • Consultations and the possibility of delivering the pump to any region of Russia and the countries of the union. 

Find out more, buy a concrete pump, get a technical and commercial offer or advice, you can by leaving an application on the site or by calling toll-free at 8 800 707 1958 or 8 495 775 2237. 


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