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RS 850 Column System

Tubular Column Placing System for High-Rise Pumping

Putzmeister's RS 850 Tubular Column Placing System is the column system for stationary placing booms up to 36 m reach and features a fully automatic hydraulic self-climbing system in an easy-to-assemble, compact design for high-rise pumping with greater flexibility.

Using an M-profile design that incorporates the self-climbing and delivery systems into a smaller footprint, merely 1 m square, allows for a smaller floor opening to deal with.Carrying heavy components from one floor to the next is no longer required. The use of a pin connect system in which pins connect the different columns and the boom pedestl does not require a time-consuming bolted connection. This enhances efficiency and overall cost savings.

Key Features

  • Safe and practical detachable work platform
  • Automatic Hydraulic Self-Climbing System
  • Solid base
  • High wear resistance to help keep service and maintenance costs low
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