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Lattice Tower System

Lattice Towers Used to Mount MX Stationary Placing Booms

This system is used predominately in projects which call for large reaches. MX stationary booms can be mounted on lattice towers of other renowned manufacturers. For instance, they can be seen in the construction of reservoir dams, power stations and liquid gas tanks. They are also used at widely extending construction sites like building underground railways and stations.

Consistent planning is a crucial success factor and thus, Putzmeister engineers create a precise set-up plan in close collaboration with all project participants. Depending on the area to be concreted and the amount of concrete to be placed, the locations of the large booms are planned taking maximum reach and height into account amongst other factors. This gives the sequence and the frequency at which the booms must be moved.

Key Features

  • Anchoring at structure for quick, freestanding mounting
  • Pipelines are laid in the lattice tower which saves space
  • Rapid separation device between the boom pedestal and lattice tower adapter allows the placing boom to be quickly set-up and dismantled

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