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The M 31-5 Hallmaster is a Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump for Tight Spaces

Putzmeister M31-5 Hall Master is a truck-mounted concrete pump used for small to medium universal job sites. It is almost unbeatable in tight spaces. It can also be used at job sites with limited positioning possibilities, halls, tunnels or below bridges. It can be mounted on 3-axles or 4-axles Chassis of various manufacturers.

Key Features

  • Flexible for an unfamiliar building environment
  • Maximum manoeuvrability thanks to 5 arms and 5 hinges for optimum slip characteristics
  • High level of flexibility of the Multi-ZR-folding
  • Compact construction without overhang, very manoeuvrable
  • It can cope with 25-concreting areas in low buildings without changing the location
  • 5-arm boom in the 30 m class has 5.7 m unfolding height
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