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The Next Generation of the M42-5 Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump

The Putzmeister M42-5 truck-mounted concrete pump has improved maneuverability and weight indices for 4 axle chassis. In Europe the M42-5 is equipped with iSC full flexible support and Ergonic 3 control. For countries outside of Europe it is equipped with the OSS support system, which allows you to work in a limited workspace. The concrete pump length is less than 12 meters, and it weighs less than 32 tons.

Link to Reach Forecast App for M42-5 with Ergonic3. EU Version

Key Features

  • A gross weight of less than 32 t includes sufficient reserves for payload and operating materials
  • Smooth 5-arm placing boom, thanks to intelligent laying of the delivery line and the balanced development of the steel structure
  • Efficient work through consistently clever ergonomic design
  • Even better safety through closer consideration for current standards and guidelines
  • Service-friendly as a result of its optimised accessibility and consistent bolted concept
  • Lower service costs thanks to maintenance-free components, fewer special components (only 3 standard delivery line bends) and lower volumes of functional fluids (oil volume reduced by 30 %)
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