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33Z-Meter Truck Mounted Concrete Boom Pump

The 33Z-Meter Concrete Boom Pump enhances the Putzmeister 30-Meter class portfolio. The time-proven design of the 33Z features a reduced outrigger footprint and the latest Ergonic® 3.0 technology.

The 33-meter (105'2") shares a pedestal with the 36-4 that is strong and stable. The pedestal is based on the one used on the 38-5- and 39-meter models that have high product maturity. The 33-meter gains automatic lubrication of the four-point bearing and A-hinge, so there is no need to climb up onto the machine to reach lubrication points. Because the 33-, 36-, and 39-meter pumps are “cousins”, commonality of spare parts provides a significant service advantage to multiple pump fleets. However, the biggest advantage of the new 33-meter boom pump is the low unfolding height of 24.9 feet.

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Key Features

  • Low unfolding height
  • Same pedestal than the 36Z
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