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Screw Auger Feeders THS-SHS

Auger Feeders for Thick Media that Cannot be Ingested Automatically

The Putzmeister THS Feeding Equipment is meant for thick media that cannot be ingested automatically. Feeding equipment with self-cleaning augers are installed on the suction side.

The conveyed material in the feed hopper is kneaded intensively by augers, mixed and pressed into the cylinders to achieve a high volumetric efficiency factor. By this method, semisolid, earth-moist and visually dry-looking materials can also be conveyed into the cylinders.

The design of the augers defines the intensity of the mixture. By the turbulent stream in the pump and the feed line, it is intensified. A mixopress equipment can continuously add several additional components.

Key Features

  • Combing augers clean up self-acting from adhesive materials.
  • Strong hydraulic drive for optimal adjustment of the turning moment to the conveyed material.
  • Different configurations of the feeding equipment to the high-density solids pump for optimal room utilization in the facility.
  • Available in construction steel or high-quality steel according to the consistency of the conveyed material.

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