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BSA 1406 E eSmart

Electric Driven Stationary Trailer Pump

Thanks to its powerful motor pump, the BSA 1406 E eSmart is the ideal solution for tunnel concreting and can be mounted on a rail vehicle when required.

This concrete pump is equipped with an electric-driven motor, thereby providing smooth operation of the hydraulic system under any load.

Key Features

  • Operator can monitor real time operating status of the machine
  • Machine can be fully operational in case of a failure thanks to reliable fault management
  • Easy access to all machine components for convenient cleaning and maintenance
  • Fewer components and therefore lower service costs
  • S transfer tube designed to withstand difficult concrete mixers and deliver continuous flow of concrete
  • More power transmission provided by closed circuit, free flow-hydraulics
  • Minimal noise during optimized pumping process
  • Emergency switch stops the entire operations of the machine
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