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BSA 14000 HP D4 8"

High Pressures with 8-Inch Diameter Material Cylinders fit any Job Requirement

The BSA 14000 HP-D 8" is a powerful pump with maximum volume at long distances. It has a maximum output of 133 yd³/h (102m³/h) at pressures up to 2,176 psi (150 bar) with 8" x 83" (200 x 2100mm) material cylinders to fit any job requirement. Its closed loop, free flow hydraulics (FFH) design provides a smoother, more controllable and economical approach to pumping.

The pump has a fully adjustable volume control to allow very slow pumping while retaining full concrete pressure. With a 21.2 cubic foot (600 liter) capacity, the RS 905A hopper offers an agitator with safety switch-off, splash guard, vibrator, grate and rubber collar. Its wide opening allows for simultaneous unloading of mixer trucks and provides central lubrication via a manual grease gun.

Key Features

  • Works with tough mixes
  • Hard-chromed material cylinders assure longer life
  • Fully enclosed control panel for weatherproof wear
  • Ideal for high pressure applications
  • Remote control operation
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