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MT 3 0

Engineered for mass concreting - Delivers a Real Output of 120 m³per h

Road construction, dams and reservoir construction, high rise buildings, Metro rail construction

Putzmeister is proud to introduce the new high capacity Batching Plant, MT 3.0. Built to handle mass concreting requirements for large infrastructure and building projects, its robust and modular plant design can be suited to meet individual requirements for different applications.

MT 3.0 is packed with features allowing for high volume productivity, ease in operations, maintenance, a clean and safe working environment. An efficient and reliable twin-shaft mixer installed in this plant makes it a perfect machine for any mass concreting application.

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Key Features

  • Higher volume thanks to a 3 m³ twin-shaft mixer
  • Consistent homogeneous mixture with every batch
  • Easy drive throught, transit mixers don’t have to drive in reverse
  • Faster installation and dismantling because of a modular design
  • Robust structure that can be easily moved from one location to the next
  • Small footprint area
  • Top weighing system for cement, water and fly-ash ensures accuracy at all time
  • Flexibility to increase or decrease the number of aggregate bins
  • Lower operating cost in the long run
  • Reduced manpower engagement
  • Central lubrication system injects grease at regular intervals for smooth running of mixer
  • Highly wear resistant plates in the mixer suitable for production of different types of concrete
  • Easily accessible for maintenance
  • Fully computerized software with preventive maintenance schedule and interlocks
  • System generated calibration chart
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