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MOLI 1405 D eSmart

Mobile Line Concrete Pump for high-pressure Delivery

It is a common complaint that stationary concrete pumps often cannot be used cost-efficiently for short pours. MOLI is here to change that. The MOLI is a mobile pipeline concrete pump for high-pressure delivery and it offers a simple solution.

This pump is quickly set up and is ready for operation in next to no time. When the MOLI has finished the job, the site is available for other work.

Key Features

  • Storage for clamp and couplings on both sides
  • Operator can monitor real time operating status of the machine. Protection against corrosion and inevitable wear results in an extended service life
  • More power transmission provided by closed circuit, free – flow hydraulics
  • 500 litre water tank and flushing water pump for cleaning on the construction site
  • Emergency switch stops the entire operations of the machine
  • Simple operation and easy handling
  • S transfer tube designed to withstand difficult concrete mixes and deliver continuous flow of concrete
  • Set up is not time consuming, no crane required
  • Requires space only during placing concrete, the site is available for other work once done
  • Transports everything required for concrete delivery
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