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BSA 1407 HD eSmart

Reliable All-Round Trailer Pump

The Putzmeister BSA 1407 HD is a reliable stationary concrete pump ideal for medium- sized construction sites. It is compact, lightweight and easy to transport on the construction site due to its high ground clearance.

Equipped with an open hydraulic system and powered by a 125 kW diesel engine, it has a vertical reach of 100 meters and a horizontal reach of 300 meters.

It is designed for concreting work with a maximum capacity of up to 72 cubic meters per hour and a maximum pressure up to 106 bar.

Key Features

  • Operator can monitor real time operating status of the machine.
  • Machine can be fully operational in case of a failure thanks to reliable fault management.
  • Easy access to all machine components for convenient cleaning and maintenance.
  • Fewer components and therefore lower service costs
  • S transfer tube designed to withstand difficult concrete mixers and deliver continuous flow of concrete.
  • More power transmission provided by closed circuit, free flow-hydraulics.
  • Minimal noise during optimized pumping process.
  • Emergency switch stops the entire operations of the machine.
  • Protection against corrosion and inevitable wear results in an extended service life.
  • Up to 3.5 times lesser hydraulic oil consumed as compared to equivalent machines from other brands.
  • Ergonic ® Pump System (EPS) makes machines ready to operate quickly and achieve higher placement speed.
  • RSA - Grill safety switch prevents pump and agitator from operating if hopper grill is open.
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