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BSF 47-5

Lightest Truck Mounted Concrete Pump in its Class

If you are looking for a lightweight, high performance machine on 4 axles — the truck-mounted concrete pump BSF 47-5  is built for you. Weighing less than 32 t, the BSF 47-5 is one of the lightest in its class and provides a more than sufficient payload reserve. It is ideal for application at medium to large sized sites as well as job sites that offer challenging setup situations.

Key Features

  • Efficient work with Ergonic operating system
  • Below 32 t total weight
  • Smooth 5-section-boom with Roll Z-Folding
  • TRDI-Support for compact support area, fast setting up, relieved framework and difficult setup situations
  • Reduced service cost
  • Boom tip load 160kg

Technical Details

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