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Geokret 2 0

The smartest solution when applying sprayed concrete

Geokret 2.0 is the complete solution for scanning shotcrete in underground environments, helping you perform your shotcrete applications much more intelligently, perform high-precision 3D scans in 60 sg up to 360º of the gallery, without interruption of the work cycle running, via Wi-Fi and the intuitive and friendly Putzmeister Geokret App, designed thinking in the operator daily work.

Geokret 2.0 also includes the licence of the powerful software Cyclone3DR, to analyze your data (volums, thickness, areas) and generate exhaustive reports about your measurements.

Designed in collaboration with the recognized swiss company Leica Geosystems

Key Features

  • Increased safety at your jobsite
  • Reduced unnecessary waste-related costs
  • Experience de application in real time
  • Enhance the quality of your projections. Know the areas of excess or lack of concrete, you will be able to optimize the application and review where it is really necessary.
  • Intuitive, easy to use and friendly design Geokret app, to focus on the important, your shotcrete application.
  • 360º scan in just 60 sg, with a range of 60 m and very precise (we guarantee an error of only 1 mm).
  • Wireless data transmission: flexibility in laser positioning
  • Powerful software for exhaustive analysis of your collected data. Compare, analyze and optimize.
  • Generation of customized and downloadable reports: thicknesses, volumes, sections

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