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EstrichBoy DC 450 Stage V

The EstrichBoy from Putzmeister - advancement and unrivalled configuration options.

The unique design is not just a visual eye-catcher: The hood consists of four parts, which can be replaced individually in case of damage. However, damage is unlikely to occur thanks to a new manufacturing process. It not only makes the new hood more resistant against high mechanical strain – scratches will also be less noticeable in future, as the hood is dyed the original EstrichBoy orange throughout and therefore no longer has a layer of paint which could be damaged. 

On the latest EstrichBoy DC 450 generation, the operating panel is on the side at the rear and oriented towards the machine operator so that it is possible to keep an eye on everything without additional trips around the machine. The protective display glass, available as an individual spare part in case of damage, is secured with six bolts and a high-quality stainless-steel ring and is particularly scratch-resistant. A robust protection against blows, dirt and water. The display was also supplemented with a fuel fill level indicator. That means the hood will no longer need to be opened to check the fill level in the tank and a warning light will signal a low fuel fill level visually.

Key Features

  • 20% Increased tank volume
  • Fulfils all requirements of the machine directive for max. safety
  • Easy maintenance and quick service
  • Optimised compressor technology

Technical Details

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