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Seat Valve Piston Pump HSP

Transports Highly Viscous Materials with a Low Content of Foreign Bodies

The HSP (hydraulic seat valve pump) is an oil-hydraulic piston pump with hydraulically actuated seat valves. It is used to transport highly viscous materials with a low content of foreign bodies at smaller particle sizes (diameter < .2” (5mm)). All moving parts are connected to a central grease lubrication system in order to increase the lifetime of the components.

Key Features

  • Valve discs and valve seats made of highly wear resistant steel for a longer lifetime
  • No backflow at high pressures
  • More effective with material containing a high proportion of air Outputs up to 261 yd³/hr (200m³/hr)
  • Delivery pressure up to 1885 psi (130 bar)
  • Easy to install damping tanks

Technical Details

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