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BSA 14000 HP D

Modern Caterpillar Diesel-powered stationary concrete pump with emission stage Tier3A engine

The stationary concrete pump BSA 14000 HP D is caterpillar diesel-powered pump with a stage 3A exhaust and 470 kW engine power. It has use in high rise applications over 500 m and long distance pumping, such as tunnels over 2,000 m. There are two possible variants, with different delivery cylinders, output and delivery pressure. The BSA 14000 HP D is for countries outside of Europe. The Äquivalent for Europe is the BSA 14000 HP D5.

Key Features

  • Optimum air flow with pressure ventilation makes it suitable for all weather condition
  • External gate valve connection is standard
  • Easy change of hydraulic hoses from rod side (max. output) to piston side (max. pressure) operation (option)
  • High quality wear resistant components
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