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The multi-talent for all applications

This compact machine is perfect for anyone looking for mobile, manoeuvrable and flexible concrete pumping. Despite its low height, it can master significant challenges: Tight or restricted set-up spaces, for example in inner-city areas and construction sites requiring good slip characteristics, or when building bridges.

The new M28-4 Z boom has also become even more flexible: The A hinge now has an angle of up to 100°, meaning the arm can be overextended to facilitate manoeuvring, for example inside buildings.

Key Features

  • Operation – truly simple, truly clever! The operation is intuitive and practical, making even concreting in low buildings very simple.
  • Safety – with every step! Everything is geared towards making the daily work of machine operators and service employees as easy and safe as possible.
  • Storage space – for all requirements!
  • Support – space-saving and infinitely variable!
  • Variety of possible applications– with (almost) no limits!
  • Maximum pump performance – proven and innovative!
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