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S 5 EV-1

Universal Worm Pump

The S 5 EV plastering machine is a modular system. This plastering pump is also available with the pan mixer as version S 5 EV-1. The pan mixer enables you to mix high-quality materials delivered as bagged material.

It is suitable for a variety of material such as cements suspensions, ground coat plasters and insulating plasters, rough coat and textured plasters, trowel plaster, adhesive bonded joint, masonry mortar, refractory mortar, sealing suspensions, injection mortar, filling and anchoring mortar, dispersion plaster, fiber mortar, fibreglass concrete, bonding mortar, stucco and grouts. It can be used for exterior plaster (lime, lime cement and insulating plaster) as well as interior plaster (lime plaster).

Key Features

  • The slide on cardan shaft makes it easier to change the pump parts
  • Protective grill with integral safety switch folds open for maintenance and cleaning
  • Intelligent positioning of mixing blade
  • Large robust material hopper (5.5 ft³ (156 L))
  • Perfectly adapted mixer (2.8 ft³ (80L)) for rapid material processing
  • Flexible and used in a host of applications
  • Worm pump with powerful 7.5 hp (5.5 kW) drive used for maximum versatility
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