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Smaller Size, Greater Flexibility

Putzmeister’s 28Z is available in a compact size and offers increased flexibility. This means that maneuvering congested job sites is now easier. Its short vehicle length without the overhang and smaller outrigger footprint allows easy set-up in tight areas. The versatile four-section Multi-Z boom with 89 feet 7 inches (27.31 meters) of vertical reach makes it convenient to place concrete in tricky places.

Straighter pipes mean less stressful flow and less wear on parts guaranteeing a longer life. The detach boom option is ideal for situations where frequent boom transfers are required. Putzmeister’s Econo-Gear™ technology allows improved fuel efficiency by performing operations like setup, pumping and cleanup at lower engine speeds. This ensures reduced stress on wear parts and lowers noise levels.

The 28Z-Meter comes with the latest Ergonic®3.0 Control System.

Key Features

  • High-pressure application
  • Single proximity switch in each position
  • HBC-Radiomatic power boost and frequency hopping remote control system
  • Lightweight EZ Clean Out RS 909 hopper
  • Detach boom feature is ideal for frequent boom transfers

Technical Details

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