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Mixkret 6

Compact, Strong and Ideal to Complete the Concrete Spraying Process in Mining Applications

The Putzmeister Mixkret 6 with a concrete capacity of 211 ft³ is the mixer of the Mixkret family with the largest capacity. The machine is equipped with a powerful 168 kW diesel engine and Integrated Continuously Variable Drive (ICVD) to fully use the motor power at all times, without interruptions of the tractive force, provides great climbing and movement power a max. speed of 15 mph.

Key Features

  • 211 ft³ capacity for mixing and transporting concrete with electronic speed control system
  • Safety as a priority: triple braking system, FOPS/ROPS certified cabin, speed control system
  • Critical components are easily accessible from the ground level in order to facilitate boarding by maintenance personnel
  • The equipment’s rear functions can be controlled remotely through the cable control, allowing this to be fitted on both sides of the machine

Technical Details

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