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S 5 EF

Powerful and Compact Electric Driven Worm Pump for Self-levelling Floor Screed

The compact, electric worm pump has a powerful constant drive for larger volumes of material which makes it particularly suitable for self-levelling floor screed. It is fitted with a vibrating screen and a vibrator for grain sizes of 0-8 mm. It can be used for cement self-levelling floor screed as well as calcium sulphate self-levelling screed (anhydrite).

Key Features

  • Mixing spirals on the cardan shaft increase the homogeneity of the conveyed material Every Putzmeister mortar machine can be equipped with various useful accessories to create an ideal machine
  • Large hopper for great amount of material, easy to clean
  • Cardan shaft plugged for quick change of worm parts
  • Manufactured from robust steel components and economical
  • Vibrator with vibrating screen for constant material flow
  • Electric worm pump with powerful 7.5 kW drive
  • Easily detachable vibrating screen

Technical Details

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