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BSA 2110 HP D

The specialist for long-distance conveying and building construction projects with proven EU Stage IIIA diesel engine.

The BSA 2110 HP D is the world record long-stroke concrete pump with high performance and high delivery pressures. With this machine you are on the safe side. Delivery pressure and flow rate are suitable for almost all applications, especially medium distance and building construction projects. The pump is powered by a Deutz diesel engine with EU Stage IIIA exhaust emission level. The BSA 2110 HP D is not approved for Europe and USA - the equivalent for these regions is the BSA 2110 HP D5.

Key Features

  • External gate valve connection is standard
  • Easy change of hydraulic hoses from rod side (max. output) to piston side (max. pressure) operation (option)
  • Fully enclosed control panel for weather-proof wear
  • High quality wear resistant components
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