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TransMix 3200 Semitrailer

TransMix - The mobile floor screed factory

The BRINKMANN TransMix is our screed factory on wheels. The fully automated transport, mixing and conveying system “made in Germany” offers many advantages:

  • Short setup-times and less labour costs
  • Precise metering of all materials for maximum screed quality
  • Minimizes the delivery cost of materials due the higher quantities supplied
  • Material residues and packaging waste are avoided and so do not need to be disposed of

TransMix 3200 for self levelling floor screed

A powerful worm pump supplies a permanent flow of material to the placement site. It conveys self levelling floor screed with a maximum particle size of 12 mm at up to 18 m³ an hour. Automatic metering of materials ensures that the screed quality remains
constant throughout the entire delivery process. The inliner can fill polystyrene pneumatically by the filler neck.

Key Features

  • Reduced workload and greater comfort
  • Easy handling
  • Precision metering of aggregates, binding agents and additives
  • Consistently high quality incl. analysis of recipes and processed quantities
  • Data collection
  • Print receipts
  • Configuration according to your requirements and needs

Technical Details

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