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TransMix 3200 8x4

TransMix - The mobile floor screed factory on a compact 4-axle chassis

A closed system – for your success strategy

Versatility and flexibility are required in the construction industry, especially in the screed segment. Alongside semi-dry screeds, high-quality self levelling floor screeds with calcium sulfate or cementitious binder are becoming increasingly popular. This is where the TransMix screed specialist comes to the fore. It provides a sophisticated concept on confined construction sites as well as applications with tight deadlines and high quality requirements.

… and your customers' requirements The TransMix is a capable solution for anyone aiming to extend their range of services and reduce or keep their construction costs under control – from craftsmen with potential for expansion to (large) service providers. Construction site logistics are a significant cost factor with great potential for success.

The TransMix 8x4 is the mobile floor screed factory on a compact 4-Axle Chassis. This makes it up to 3m shorter than the comparable variant with semi-trailer.

Key Features

  • Easy handling
  • Precision metering of aggregates, binding agents and additives
  • Consistently high quality incl. analysis of recipes and processed quantities
  • Data collection
  • Print receipts
  • Configuration according to your requirements and needs

Technical Details

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