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Wetkret 5

Safe and precise concrete spraying in medium and large tunnel sections

The robust Wetkret 5 concrete spraying equipment has all the features required for the highest quality shotcreting for demanding underground projects with medium to large cross-sections. Always putting safety first, Wetkret 5 has been designed for agile, long-lasting and autonomous work.

The Putzmeister concrete pump guarantees low pulsation, the additive synchronization with the concrete flow is very precise, the remote control spraying arm can be moved easily to adapt to the cross-sections and control with intuitive software allows adjustments to be made to the mix and the troubleshooting of errors and alarms. In addition, with the built-in cleaning and compressor system, including the optional Hydroscaling system, no external components are required for applying the concrete.


Key Features

  • FFar reaching spraying arm providing 17 m spraying reach
  • Diesel engine with Stage V emissions regulation, suitable for the EU
  • Built-in cleaning system with diesel and electric operation
  • Remote control, both with cable and wireless, for all machine functions and easy and precise handling of spraying arm movements
  • The large diameter and long stoke of the Putzmeister concrete pump minimize pulsations and lengthen the life wear of its components
  • Hopper with agitator, electric vibrator and RFID security system on the grille. Pumping of steel or polymer fibres. Easy and safety to open for maintenance and cleaning.
  • Highly intuitive control software via a multilingual colour display. Allows adjustment of additive dosage, indicates the concrete flow rate and troubleshoots errors
  • Screw additive pump with flowmeter to ensure a high-quality finish
  • It can be equipped with numerous accessories, such as the optional Hydroscaling system for surface cleaning

Technical Details

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