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Compact Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump with Flexible 4-Arm-Boom for a Low Unfolding Height

The  Putzmeister M20-4 truck-mounted concrete pump comes with a complete new pedestal design and new core pumps .11H and .15iLS.

Designed for tightest spots the BSF 20-4 has the smallest support width and lowest unfolding height in the Putzmeister Portfolio. This machine can be operated where no other machine can be set up. It finds its application in halls, tunnels, renovations, or line jobs.

Can be mounted on 2-Axle or 3-Axle chassis from Mercedes or Volvo.

Key Features

  • Easier set-up with the new TRC pedestal
  • Stepless outrigger system - any leg position is possible
  • Various storage options for every configuration
  • ZR boom folding with 3.9m unfolding height
  • Eco friendly hybrid drive iONTRON as option (with 3-Axle chassis)
  • Latest Ergonic 3 control
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